Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Performance through the dark matter

As it stands, as i know of, there are three most commonly thought of performance styles.

1. Durational Performance
2. Relational Performance
3. Ritual Performance

Each one as fascinating as the next, each one as perplexing as the next, each one as happening as its predecessor.

I cannot help myself but imagine a performance to each. some i will fulfill in the real world, and some will remain in the blog zone for all to take heed of.

the first 1> durational

I will ask the class to leave the room. turn off every light, seal the cracks, shut the windows, until its pitch black. then i will yell from the middle of the room to enter, and sit still in the void until someone turns the lights on. the silence and subtle swooshes of the group moving around in the pitch black would surely be intoxicating.

secondly 2> relational

I will approach the front of the class, under spotlight, in james dean, or greaser style clothing, with my sleeves rolled up and a cigarette in my hand. i will light it and smoke it as thouroughly and quickly as i possibly can. when the cigarette is finished i will put it out on my arm. the implications of this performance will be varied from individuals experience.

thirdly 3> ritual

I will bring to class a pile of wood, tall sticks, and moss. in my underwear i will build a shelter, shanty like but strong. keep in mind the wood i will have brought will have been plentiful, taking up nearly half the room. i will sit inside the shelter pray. this could take hours or days. i will put on a druids robe and carve sacred geometry on the walls. then i will peace the scene. anyone else can come in, its chill, no big deal, this ceremony welcomes everyone, if they let it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our fictional Performance blog

here's a blog i set up for our presentation tomorow. hopefuly it adds to our whole idea.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Group 4

Again three performers deal with shadow and light but this time without a white sheet. a young woman gets "hungry" for some ball of light. Her satisfaction grows with more and more lights cast on the wall as she dances around. A harmonica howls quietly in the distance.
Group 3

Another three person, back lit sheet performance, but this time the sheet is set on panels. A female approaches the sheet and her siloute grows. Things turn violent as a man approaches and beats her with a cardboard tube. sounds fill the air coming from the far end of the room. The piece climaxes with a woman masturbating a false penis, followed by a man defecating.



Consisting of three people and a sheet, a group of performers attempt to recreate the banality and ultimately excitement in weather. Each member approaches the back lit sheet from the light source and talks about the increase in wetness in the weather, beginning with 10% and ending in 100%. The climax also involved spraying water on the onlookers.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Here are three images from Santiago Sierra's 160 CM LINE TATTOOED ON 4 PEOPLE. The piece involves four prostitutes getting a line tattooed on their back for a hit of heroine.

This is a performance by Marc Gonzales from 1998, put to unrelated music. Unfortunately this is the only footage that can be found of this piece on the internet. Please ignore the music, and enjoy the performance.